Friday, January 7, 2011

fuhhh~banyak habuk.

its been a year i didnt update / post entry kat sini.

A year?

hehh. saja nk propa. ye la, my last entry was on 2010, and now 2011 man!

OMG. i'm getting old! 24 years old this year? what the fish?

i dont mind if it is 25 or 27 .. but not 24 bcoz i dun like 4 .

So, i will assume that i am 23 boleh? 23 plus 1 :) hikhik~boleh la kan? :P

Hmm, so what's this entry is all about?


Haha. just want to update. :P Somehow, want to share today i'm so something. Haha.

What the fish. Abaikan. saya sedang lemau kerana mengantuk. Namun masih gigih nak update juga. Okayh, next entry saya akan smbung cerita pasal apa2 la eh. :)


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